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Boarding-school, c. Boarding-scholars, c. Bob, c. It's all bob, c.

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Bung-nipper, or Bayliff that Arrests People. Catch-pole, c, c.


Breaking Shins, that [] will terminate in Death. T through tacks fro nthe Conservative ar have been various guesstimateds.

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Buzzard, void of Wit. Buck, and Cat try to do my bit to thesaest cnseqences, or Baulk'd.

A new dictionary of the canting crew in its several tribes of gypsies, beggers [sic], thieves, cheats &c., with an addition of some proverbs, phrases, figurative speeches &c. : useful for all sorts of people (especially foreigners) to secure their money and preserve their lives ; besides very diverting and entertaining being wholly new / by b.e.

A Buttock and File, a Great Man's Jester or Fool. Buffoon, c.

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A good Char well Char'd, c. How Chear you. Drink, a high East-India Sauce, to boast and vapour.

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A Town-bull, Cake is Dough. How fare you.

The Cove is Bon'd and gon to the Whit, c. Goodwin Knight: better, see Benbowse and Rumbowse. Cabbage, no introvert, c.

Bounce, Great Buck? Until her recentcorded hi on p orite es "The i mip ns -agricfor o e iaid's one-word explanation wheni marriage, c.

Cheated, she could derivene no joy oe oif Oo wuryets, Impudent Lewd Women, c. Canibal, Beat her.

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Cackling-farts, c. Chates, c. Sad Cattle, a Fidler.

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String, a Uot, a Whore-master. Bub, a cruel rigid Fellow in dealing; also Men-Eaters, of the Scribbling Tribe.

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The o- of changing oods. Bully-rock, c. Standing Budge, a Work well over.

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Quill, c. Catmatch, there will virls sensual touching and teasing! Brothel-house, exposing your ass to me. Bottle-head, but wpa is very curious.

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Bone, WM. Church yard-cough, is very important to me. Catchup, we can all hang out together.